What is the EDI?

Austrade's Education Data and Insights (EDI) is a subscription-based service that provides detailed student and visa data and dashboards, news, events, export leads, reports, competitor data resources and market profiles with opportunity analyses by sub-sector. EDI content is generated by Austrade’s international education team in Australia and overseas. The content within EDI is updated frequently. Subscribers receive alerts to new content via the fortnightly EDI Update e-newsletter.  In addition, EDI now incorporates the Study Australia Agent Hub, providing access to the Study Australia Marketing Toolkit and news updates specific to education agents.  EDI helps education providers and other stakeholders in the sector to make informed decisions about international expansion. Access to the complete range of content available requires an EDI premium subscription. Some content is available without charge, but will still require account registration.  For more information about the features within EDI, visit the introducing EDI page.

There are 3 different types of accounts on EDI: Free, Agent and Premium. Everyone will need a free account before they can get an agent or premium account.
See below for the difference between each account.

  Free Account Agent Account Premium Account
Market Summary X X X
Sub-Sector opportunities X
Student and visa dashboard
     - For Austrade's 30 priority markets
Download data
Basic student data pivot table X X X
Australia awards scholarship data X X X
Subscriber pivot tables X
Data dashboard
Sector snapshot dashboard X X X
All markets student and visa dashboard X
Australian state, territory and regional   SA4 dashboard X
Government and partner updates X X X
Data X X X
Industry reports X X X
Austrade reports X
Opportunities and export leads X
Market insights X
Competitor activity X
Events X X X
Study Australia Agent Hub X X
Visa, travel and accommodation advice X X
Student support, health and wellbeing updates X X
Scholarship and employability information X X
Create a free account Change to Agent account

Change to Premium account

Fees and eligibility criteria

For existing MIP and Partner Hub subscribers

Have you already received your log in details? All previous MIP subscribers have a premium account in EDI. This includes:

  • detailed monthly data
  • detailed market profiles
  • market and student data downloads and dashboards
  • university data (eligible users only)
  • sector news and insights from Austrade post
  • agent content
  • Partner Hub subscribers

All previous Partner Hub subscribers have an agent account in EDI.

This includes:

  • Study Australia Agent Hub resources
  • agent news and updates
  • basic market overviews, data downloads and dashboards
  • New subscribers

Registered users with a free account can access

  • basic market overviews,
  • data downloads and dashboards
  • selected news content

Once you have registered for a free account, you will be able to change your account to agent or premium account. Eligibility and fees may apply.


What is the EDI newsletter?

The EDI Update is a free e-newsletter distributed fortnightly on Wednesday which summarises the new content available. An account is not required to receive the EDI Update, but a separate registration for the newsletter is required. 

Am I eligible for an EDI subscription?

Access to a Premium EDI account is limited to Australian organisations with a demonstrated commitment to the best interests of the Australian education sector. The full list of eligible organisations is set out in the fee schedule. Education agents may wish to register for a free EDI account and then apply to access the Study Australia Agent Hub.  

Subscription fees and benefits

Click here for fees and eligibility criteria.  Austrade will determine the fee tier for your organisation based on the information you provide in your application.

Fees for CRICOS-registered organisations are calculated according to the number of student enrolments at the institution in the previous calendar year.

Organisations subscribing to EDI may provide access to any number of staff members at no additional cost. 

Each entity with an individual ABN or CRICOS number requires a subscription.  Access to EDI cannot be shared with the staff of a business operating under a separate ABN or CRICOS number that is not a subscriber.  
For a full list of EDI terms and conditions, see: Terms and conditions

What can I access if I register for a free account?

A free account enables users to test the value of the service before committing to an EDI premium subscription.  With a free account, you can download the basic student enrolment and commencement pivot table, which is updated monthly and shows trends for more than 100 markets.  You can also access 30 different market overviews, view education related news and events, industry reports, summaries of export leads, and register to receive the fortnightly EDI e-newsletter or apply to access the Study Australia Agent Hub.  

How do I subscribe to EDI?

Anyone may register for a free account and then decide if they wish to apply for a premium subscription (This form is accessible with a free account). 
If you work for an organisation that is already a premium subscriber, please use the same premium subscription form to arrange access. 

Will my subscription be automatically renewed?

No. We will be in contact with you before your current subscription expires and you can decide if you would like to renew.  Subscriptions are renewed each November and run for twelve months. 

How many members can I have under my organisation’s subscription?

An unlimited number of staff members can be listed against the organisation’s subscription, as long as they all belong to the organisation whose ABN and/or CRICOS number is recorded in the subscriber account.

I’m receiving error messages when I try to access EDI content

If you have recently applied for a new Premium subscription, it may take a few days for your EDI account to be activated. You will receive an email notification once access has been granted. 
If you have received an email notification that your EDI access has been activated but still receive an error message, please log out and then log back in again. If you continue to experience access problems, contact us. 

If you have registered for a free account rather than an EDI premium subscription, you should have immediate access to limited EDI content. 

I’ve changed institutions — how do I update my EDI subscription?

If you have changed organisations, you will need to subscribe under your new organisation’s subscription. Please use the premium subscription form to arrange access. We will update your account based on the organisation details you provide in the form.

I am having difficulty accessing export leads (also known as opportunities).

We now require users to create a MyAustrade account, using their organisation’s MyGov ID to access and apply for export leads (formerly known as opportunities) and to track the progress of their submissions.  We summarise all active (and new) leads in EDI Update each fortnight and on our website, which includes the relevant contact details of the Education BDM. 


What changes have been made to the fee schedule?

EDI fees will change from 1 November 2023.  The changes made to the schedule are: 

  • Lifting the base fee from $200 to $1,500;
  • Reducing fees for sector peak bodies from $3,000 to $1,500;
  • Increasing the cap from for large institutions from $9,000 to $11,000;
  • Increasing the ‘Special Case’ category from $5,000 to $11,000; and
  • Removing tapering from the fee structure.

Why are fees changing?

There a several reasons for the changes to fees, largely related to the sustainability and continuous improvement of the service.

  • There has been no fee increase since 2015. 
  • We have added significant value to EDI as a result of the redevelopment.  No other global study destination agency provides a data and insights service of the calibre of EDI.   
  • We are committed to maintaining and improving EDI.  In doing so, we face ongoing cost increases such as staffing, software licensing and support, which rise annually.   
  • EDI fees are an eligible expenditure for those able to claim the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG).

What improvements have been made to EDI?

The new EDI platform includes the following key features:

  • 30 education market profiles, featuring market overview information, opportunity analyses by sub-sector and the latest student and visa data from the Australian Department of Education and Department of Home Affairs.
  • Downloadable student data files in various file formats to enable bespoke analysis and data manipulation. Data files include basic and detailed pivot tables and Australia Awards scholarship data.
  • Interactive data dashboards with improved page load times. We combined the most relevant and useful charts from the previous MIP Student Data and Market Information dashboards into one single dashboard. We have also made Statistical Area data more visible on the Regional dashboards.
  • A comprehensive list of Australian and competitor data sources for international students and student visas.
  • A dedicated page for relevant education industry reports, which removes the need to search through EDI news articles to find them.
  • A Study Australia Agent Hub featuring an agent-specific news feed with links to the most relevant content and resources for education agents and marketing professionals at Australian institutions.

How can I pay for a premium EDI subscription?

Subscriptions will commence on 1 November each year and expire at the end of October in the following year. If you are a new subscriber or if your existing subscription was due to expire outside this period, you will be asked to pay a pro rata amount based on the balance remaining up to 30 October.  

For current subscribers, your account manager will be sent a reminder of the upcoming expiration of your subscription in October with an option to opt out.  If you do not opt out, you will be sent an invoice. Invoices can be paid by either bank transfer or for faster processing, by credit card using the designated EWAY portal.  Please be sure to include your invoice number when paying your subscription online.
Eligible new subscribers will be sent an invoice for either the full annual subscription or the pro rata amount, depending on when they applied, shortly after their application. 

I am an agent, what can I access on EDI?

Education agents are able to register for a free account (see above FAQ 'What can I access with a free account'). Agents can then apply for access to the Study Australia Agent Hub. The Agent Hub features an agent-specific news feed with links to the most relevant content for education agents and marketing professionals from Australian institutions. It also features other various agent specific resources, in particular, the Study Australia Marketing Toolkit. Austrade will assess each application to verify eligibility. Agents should apply using their organisation’s email address for faster verification. If we are not able to verify access immediately, we will request proof of a valid student placement agreement with an Australian education provider or a URL showing that you are a listed agent representative of a CRICOS-registered Australian education provider.